Meet Pamela Ellis, the lady who is super excited to help make your day just

a little (a lot) less hectic...just a little (a lot) more productive! Ms. Ellis loves what she does and does it with PASSION! "When you love what you do, it's not work anymore". She agrees; Ms. Ellis loves the challenge, the chase and the capture of new business, recouping old business, and strengthening business relationships!

Combining her experience and education in

senior-level sales

human resources 


customer service

training & development

mortgage field services

meetings and events management &

as a certified paraprofessional,

Ms. Ellis had the vision of building a reputation for unparalleled quality performance

while supporting businesses in their crucial everyday needs; this support enables them to accomplish essential duties by allowing their focus to remain on core operational procedures.

The end result is maximum productivity and financially-rewarding results for their bottom line!

Ms. Ellis believes the foundation of every successful professional relationship is trust built along the way,

and she aims to create lasting and sustainable relationships with each customer.  She firmly believes in

exchange for their business, her customers deserve no less than stellar service as this is imperative to the

success of both their business and the Omega-Manda brand!

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business,

and your business in your heart. -  Thomas J. Watson