Why outsource?

Reduce operating costs * maximize revenue * promote efficiency * increase productivity

Outsource parts or all of existing or new projects, short- or long-term, to us. Save time, energy and money!

What We Do:

  • New Business Development/Direct Sales

  • Current Customers Communication

          - telephone calls

          - USPS letters

          - emails


  • Meetings and Events Coordination 

          - site selection

          - vendor liaison

          - set-up/breakdown coordination

  • Human Resources Support

          ​- application qualifications

          - information verification

It's simple: You're in business to make money.  

Let Omega-Manda help you keep more of it!

Your need for full-time salaried staffing

is reduced as

well as your operating costs; 

in other words,

why payroll someone you DO NOT

need every day from 9-to-5,

Monday through Friday? 


Partnering with Omega-Manda

gives you a

cost-efficient alternative to unnecessary

internal staffing, paying benefits and perks!

An over-worked staff is an unhappy staff!

All of the responsibilities on their plate can be overwhelming

and make for a mentally- and physically-draining experience.

Allow them to stay sharp and focused! 


You can rest easy and concentrate on essential core duties knowing those other tasks, although necessary

but extremely time-consuming,

are being completed!

Detailed reporting during each project keeps you apprised of our progress along the way; you're never left guessing where we are in the process!

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