Why outsource? Reduce operating costs * maximize revenue * promote efficiency * increase productivity

Outsource parts or all of existing or new projects, short- or long-term, to us. Save time, energy and money!

What We Do:

  • New Business Development/Direct Sales

  • Current Customers Communication

          - telephone calls

          - USPS letters

          - emails



It's simple: You're in business to make money.  

Let Omega-Manda Sales Solutions help

you keep more of it!

Your need for salaried staffing is reduced as

well as your operating costs; 

in other words,

why payroll someone you DO NOT

need every day from 9-to-5,

Monday through Friday? 


Partnering with Omega-Manda

Sales Solutions gives you a

cost-efficient alternative to unnecessary

internal staffing, paying benefits and perks!


An over-worked staff is an unhappy staff!

All of the responsibilities on their plate can be overwhelming

and make for a mentally- and physically-draining experience.

Allow them to stay sharp and focused! 


You can rest easy and concentrate on essential core tasks while

knowing those other tasks, although necessary as well

but extremely time-consuming,

are being managed!

Detailed reporting during each process to keep you apprised of our progress along the way; you're never left guessing where we are in the process!

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