My Personal Guarantee:

The buck stops with me. I am personally accountable for the quality of all 

projects and control the oversight of each one.

Your trust is extremely important! Having policies - best practices -  in place to assure optimum

satisfaction is paramount to the success of my business.  And yours.

Communication is key and critical, therefore processes that have been developed are

strictly adhered to ensure all of your unique needs are met. To create a perfect partnership,

what you expect and what I expect is clearly outlined in writing using

definitive metrics based upon the SMART methodology: 

  • Specific: The objective is clear and explains exactly what’s expected.

  • Measurable: Concrete measurements to assess progress to determine goals are being met.

  • Attainable: If your objective is realistic, it will be achieved.

  • Realistic: The objective has to be guided by available resources. 

  • Time-bound: A time frame of expected achievement. 

Confidentiality Statement

It is understood that I may be privy to your or your customers'

confidential information. To ensure the protection and preservation of such, I accept and am bound

by this agreement that all technical and business information relating to proprietary leads, trade secrets,

existing and/or contemplated products and services, research development, production costs,

profit and loss information, other finances and financial projections and actuals; previous, potential,

current and new customers; previous, potential, current and new employees as well as marketing

and advertising strategies, and current or future business plans and models, will not be disclosed

unless required to do so by law.